Friday, December 2, 2011

Energy Audits

What is an Energy Audit? Energy Audits, sometimes called Energy Assessment, are a comprehensive inspection of all building systems, how they perform independently and how they interact with each other. Often times companies offer inspections called 'energy audits' when attempting to sell windows or HVAC systems. These are not Energy Audits. They are piecemeal partial inspections used to generate data with an intended result. That result will generally steer you to buy their product.

EIS employs Nationally Certified and Registered RESNET / HERS Raters, Building Performance Institute(BPI) Certified Professional Building Analysts and Certified Building Envelope Specialists. EIS participates in the PA Home Energy program and is subject to the intensive Quality Assurance Inspections to validate the integrity of our work. We systematically and scientifically determine the root cause of all issues and find the best probable solution in terms of energy savings and monetary return to the building owner.

A comprehensive Audit takes roughly three hours in a standard home. If your home has several HVAC systems or is larger than 2500 sq feet then some additional time may be required.


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