Wednesday, February 8, 2012

One of the reasons we only use SolarWorld Panels

Many Solar Panel manufacturers will promote that they have the best warranty in the industry.

Fact - the length of most solar panel manufacturers warranties exceeds the time frame in which they have been in production.

We only use SolarWorld made panels.  A company that can truly stand behind its warranty.  Made in America - Because it does matter!

Business journal recognizes 25th anniversary of Camarillo-produced PV milestone
On Sept. 9, the Sacramento Business Journal noted the 25th birthday of a 1 MW solar system operating at the decommissioned Rancho Seco nuclear power plant near Sacramento, which upon its installation in 1984 was not only the biggest to date, but also a coup for SolarWorld predecessor Arco Solar. Raju Yenamandra, then an Arco engineer and now SolarWorld’s U.S. head of sales, was involved in the installation, which employed solar modules produced in Camarillo. An excerpt from the article: "The Sacramento Municipal Utility District’s 1-megawatt solar energy plant at Rancho Seco celebrated 25 years of service. Known as PV1, the 10-acre plant has generated about 37 gigawatt hours of electricity since it opened, or enough to offset millions of pounds of environmentally harmful emissions — including 19 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions, 16,500 pounds of nitrogen oxide and 5,900 pounds of sulfur dioxide, according to SMUD. PV1 supplied about 800 homes with electricity when it began producing power in 1984. At the time, it was one of the largest photovoltaic plants in the world. Today, it is the oldest megawatt-scale plant operating in North America and yields 67 percent of its original capacity, according to SMUD. SMUD now operates six photovoltaic plants at the Rancho Seco site, with a combined capacity of 3.2 megawatts. The utility is on track to receive 20 percent of its energy from renewable energy sources — and would be the first major California utility to do so. The utility plans to increase that to 23 percent by next year and 37 percent by 2020."

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