Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Hold Shale Accountable

Read this article about Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protections willful manipulation of water test results from shale related well testing.  Is the water safe?  If so then why are the tests consistently, willfully, institutionally manipulated?

If Shale has no danger to my kids, who live in PA in the heart of the shale, why does the government need to manipulate water testing to make me 'feel' safe?

I find it curious that we reach so far to protect drilling but slam on any of us 'crazy' people who are concerned for the safety of their water supply.  My kids drink this water, nobody kids in DC drink this water.

In western PA where I live, I pass three abandoned derelict oil wells and two coal strip mines on my way to work a few miles away.  My tax money has paid for attempted cleanup of one of these strip mines three times with limited success.  Where is the Coal company now that the site is an environmental nightmare?  They closed down over 50 years ago.  PA taxpayers now pay for this mess with their tax money and their inability to fish in streams in Western PA due to high toxin levels in fish that are directly attributed to mine runoff.

There is a mad rush in Western PA to get gas wells pumping and pipelines in, and the jobs and money pouring into western PA is awesome.  I am very optimistic about the economic impact of shale...however it does come with a price, an environmental price.

This environmental price is fully OPTIONAL.  We can avoid all of the mistakes we made with Oil and Coal if we do this 'right' this time.  If we put oversight in to ensure they are not dumping the waste water in our streams which happens in PA nearly every day, if we have a real DEP that will actually test the water to ensure the frack water doesn't leak from the thousands of exposed staging ponds or spill over into streams or pastures as it spews out from the well, or infects my well that my kids drink from, if we ensure the fracking companies put money aside for environmental cleanup when things go awry then we can rest easy and enjoy the jobs and the low cost energy coming from the wells.

Before you read propaganda and watch documentaries from the left and right attempting to convince you of one side of the argument or the other, do some research.  Us little insignificant people who own the land that shale is being fracked under and drink the affected water are deeply concerned about our children's health and safety.  What do we do if we no longer have safe water?  Why would our government risk our losing this life sustaining resource when it preservation is 100% attainable if we just holding the fracking companies accountable.

In Western PA, money from these companies has purchased our politicians and the fracking companies have free reign to do what they please.  Governor Corbett is aiding and abetting this activity by placing incompetent people in charge of key oversight areas like Krancer in the DEP. 

I don't have the $Billions that Chesapeake Energy does to manipulate public opinion, I am just a dad.  But I implore you to look deeper than the surface at what is going on under the surface in PA before you make blanket assumptions that the anti-fracking movement is some environmental wacko fringe effort.  We are just a whole bunch of dads and moms that are worried about what long term cost we will have for this short term gain.

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