Thursday, April 25, 2013

Four Questions for Governor Corbett

Four questions I would like answers from Governor Corbett:

Question 1:

 Why, according to Rep Turzai and Rep Godshall, have you threatened to Veto any legislation that addresses the current holes in the PAAEPS legislation which allows 13 other states in PJM to dump their solar renewable energy credits into PA while simultaneously forbidding PA from doing the same, essentially crushing the market, crippling solar growth in PA, destroying 2000 PA solar jobs so far with more to follow and going against over half of the House and Senate who support this change to the legislation? 
Rep Turzai and Godshall have stated that they will not bring this to a vote even though it has overwhelming support because you have threatened to veto this legislation on the grounds that it violates the Commerce Clause of the US Constitution, however by this definition every other state in PJM is currently violating the rights of your PA constituents and you do nothing to remedy this, rather you hinder the efforts at balancing the playing field for PA costing PA thousands of jobs. 

Question 2: 

How is $1.65 Billion dollars in subsidy to Shell Oil to build a cracker plant that will eventually employ 500 people not picking winners?  How is ending the PA Sunshine program ahead of time with or without exhausting its funding pool not picking winners?  How is redirecting the final $3,000,000 in the Solar Energy Program, SEP, to natural gas related projects not picking winners?  How is crippling the DEP’s ability to hold gas drilling accountable by cutting funding, reorganizing many departments by spreading them throughout different state agencies and installing a witless puppet, Krancer, as secretary not picking winners?  $1.65 Billion is 16.5 times the investment in PA subsidy for Solar that created 6000 jobs in the solar industry in PA and there is still $3,000,000 unspent. 

I have to assume by your actions that ‘picking winners’ only counts when we discuss non Gas, Coal and Oil investments?  I was under the impression you were the governor of the entire state of PA, not just the fossil fuel companies?

Question 3:

How can we call fracking ‘safe’ because we seal the well shaft down 1500 feet, 1300 feet below the typical water table, but then do not test the water spilling out of that hole running into streams?  The same water that is being held in 3 acre storage ponds for indefinite periods of time without oversight or sunset dates for its remediation, being trucked across the state, across state lines, and dumped god knows where?  This same water that has been deemed to ‘radioactive’ to be accepted by landfills?  All the while we are cutting the DEP budget and crippling it logistically so it cannot hold the drillers accountable. 

Question 4:

How can you call yourself a Conservative when you have attempted to wrench municipal governance rights from our municipalities when they have been forced to take their safety and well-being into their own hands because the PA State Government has abandoned them, rather ‘traded them’ for campaign contributions from Gas and Oil?  This is the biggest ‘Big Government’ power grab I can remember in my 18 years in the State of PA.   You should be ashamed of yourself.  See HB 1950.

Governor Corbett, here in Western PA, us small, common folk who actually live here on top of the shale, drink the water, watch our kids play in our green spaces, are deeply concerned by your methods of governance.  When we had the oil boom 100 years ago, they took the oil and left the rigs and waste, I drive past three of these unsafe rusting derelicts on my way of my kids school.  When we had the coal boom where they came, mined and stripped the land and left 50 years ago, it wasn’t the mines that were the problems, it is the subsidence 50 years later, the runoff that still poisons our streams today, the thousands of acres of land still laid to waste like some post-apocalyptic warzone by the mining.  Now we enter round three of rape and pillage Western PA natural resources but this time it is the Frackers.  In 100 years we have learned nothing!  We allow them to come with promises of cheap fuel and great jobs so we open the doors to them and loosen regulations to facilitate their growth in the short term hoping for a boom.  The boom comes…then it goes a few decades later.  Unfortunately, when it goes the waste and pollutions remain forever.  They remain because we did not start with an end in mind.  You make every effort to cater to drillers at the expense of your constituents.

Are we so naïve that we feel the drillers will not drill if we don’t give them an open door with no regulation or accountability?  Do we stop drilling in Saudi Arabia when it is infinitely more dangerous and hostile for us to operate?  Then why would they not drill in PA?  This is a farce, they will drill in PA because that is where the gas is.  You cannot move the gas so they must come here to get it.  One way or another the gas will be drilled and consumed so hold them accountable and do it right this time around. 

This is not about being anti-fracking, or radical environmentalism, this is about where my kids play, the safety of the water they drink, the risks of my wife getting cancer and leaving me all too soon.  This is about our lives Governor not your donors.  Do your job and protect my family.  All I have is my vote, and right now my vote goes to whoever will protect the safety of my family and at this point Governor this is anyone but you.




Joe Morinville

Energy Independent Solutions

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